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Hair serum is your best ally for caring for your hair and combating the effects of the sun, chlorine and sea salt this summer. It treats the hair in a deep and lasting way, and thanks to its highly concentrated formulation, its results are visible in a short time.

Take note and incorporate into your routine this product that is already a must to look healthy, shiny and flexible hair.


There are different types of serums: to give volume, prevent and slow down hair loss, repair tips, reduce frizz, ... Each can be used to treat a different problem and there are many options.

Some of the uses of hair serums are:

  1. Tip repair serum. It is used to moisturize and seal the cuticle. In its formulation, ingredients such as shea butter or argan oil are combined to promote the recovery of the natural structure of the hair.

  2. Anti-frizz serum. It retains the natural hydration of the hair so that it does not have to curl and open to look for it; curly hair is dry and needs hydration.

  3. Serum to straighten, untangle and provide luminosity to the hair. It usually includes in its composition vegetable and mineral oils, such as argan oil, as well as ingredients to fill the fibers and maintain the hair structure.

  4. Protective serum. It can be a good choice before going to the beach or pool if you have dry, dyed, brittle or brittle hair.

Serum capilar, ¿para qué sirve?


It is usually applied as a finishing touch to the wash and putting it on will not be difficult for you, as they are usually presented in spray or in bottles. Although if you want it to help give it shine and define your hair, you can use hair serum with dry hair.

Application steps:

  • With damp hair, put a few drops (between 2 and 6, depending on the length) on your hands and rub them to spread the serum.

  • Apply it to your hair going from the ends up.

  • Massage the tips and then the scalp, and reapply a couple of drops all over the hair ensuring a good finish.

  • Brush your hair down and dry well ..

It is recommended to use your hair serum daily or at least two or three times a week.

This summer, do not hesitate and incorporate hair serum in your routine of care and beauty to look healthy and beautiful hair. Remember that your pharmacy will advise you on which hair serum is best for your hair and your needs.

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