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Maintaining a healthy mouth is very important so that your overall health does not suffer. Proper hygiene will be your ally to achieve this, also preventing future illnesses.

Brushing your teeth at least three times a day removes plaque and adds fluoride. But this habit is not enough to remove plaque that builds up between the teeth. Ideally, you should complete your daily care routine by incorporating interdental hygiene. We tell you how to do it.


You have many options for performing this interdental hygiene and it is not always easy to choose the best one for you, so it is best to get advice from an oral health professional or seek advice from the pharmacy.

Among the options you have to reinforce brushing are:

  • Flosser: It is comfortable to use and will help you reach the most difficult areas. It is ideal to get started in this routine and is usually recommended when you have difficulty using floss or floss.

  • Dental floss and floss: it is suitable when there is little space between the teeth, as access is narrower.

  • Interproximal brush:it is very useful for completing hygiene, especially when there are large interdental spaces. Keep in mind that each person is an ideal size to use an interproximidal, the dentist will tell you the right one for you.

  • Irrigator: is an option for the most expert. It is a device that is based on emitting a jet of water that helps remove food debris, dental plaque and bacteria between the teeth. It will be good to combine it with dental floss cleaning.


To implement interdental hygiene in your routine in the best way for your teeth, consider some tips. It is recommended to use interdental cleaning at least once a day. Both floss and brushes and sprinklers should be applied along the line of the gums and between the teeth.

If you floss, it is important to bend it into a U-shapearound each tooth and slide carefully below the gum line. Move carefully up and down several times.

Although these products are not complex to use, be careful when using them, especially if you do not have much practice to avoid small injuries. And always count on the advice of your pharmacist to ensure that you use the products you need and that your routine follows all the necessary steps to have a beautiful and healthy smile.

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